Three Easy Ways to Tame Your Curly Hair

Taming and straightening hair are lengthy processes. There are several ways that you can choose to go through in your journey towards straight hair. The first one includes the usage of natural treatments that temper your hair over time. The second one involves professional straightening products and heat. The third one falls into the category of most frequent used methods. The latter is also the unhealthiest and most damaging of all. Depending on how patient you are and how much time you’ve got on your hands, you can try all 3!

1. Natural remedies

There are a few natural remedies that turn out amazing results. When trying to straighten your hair, you can opt for combining coconut milk with lemon juice, milk and honey, or egg and olive oil. These 3 hair treatments are highly nourishing and effective on short term. Their efficacy is higher when there’s no heat involved.
The combination between coconut milk and lemon juice helps taming curly hair and removes dandruff. After mixing the 2 in a bowl, you should leave the bowl in the fridge until the milk forms white foam. Next, you should massage your roots and the length of your hair with it. Leave it in for 2 hours.
Silkier and straighter hair can also be obtained with milk and honey. Mix the 2 ingredients and put them in a spray bottle. Spread the content all over your hair and leave it on for at least 2 hours before shampooing.
Highly nourishing for your scalp, olive oil makes a great team with eggs. The mixture between these natural remedies could make wonders for your hair. As long as you use it regularly, you will have smoother and straighter hair.

2. Professional products and heat

When your life is too busy and hairstyling time is limited, you can use professional products to straighten your hair. Compared with the aforementioned natural remedies, these products don’t have to stay on your hair for hours. In addition, they don’t need preparation. So, opt for a shampoo and a conditioner that are especially made to straighten hair.
Both products are equally important, but the conditioner needs more time to take effect. The conditioner needs to be absorbed through the hair cuticles. It must deeply moisturize the hairs in order to soften them properly.
If you don’t have enough time to let your hair dry naturally, then you can use a flat hair brush and a hair dryer. To minimize the effects of heat on your hair, try to at least use lower heat intensity. Gently pull your hair with the flat brush, avoiding any type of hair breakage.

3. Hair straightener

Flat IronBy far the unhealthiest method, using a hair straightener is very efficient. When you want to obtain fast results, you can rely on this amazing hair gadget. The hair straightener doesn’t fail when it comes to taming hair. However, it fails at protecting your hair while straightening it. But the right information from Hair Straightener Studio about which products are best used on your type of hair and how to use it, will help prevent problems.

To avoid burning your hair, you can purchase a special hair product that protects hair from heat. There are multiple options on the market that are supposed to do that for your hair. Even so, this is a method that you should use less.
Going from curly to straight in minutes can’t be achieved unless you are ready to damage your hair. You might want to diversify the way you wear your hair, but you must ask yourself if it is really worth the effort. Try the natural remedies first if you want to see an improvement. You might like the semi-curly look too!

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